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Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.   -- Mae West

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite - Mystical Lore 

Physical Healing Properties

Orange calcite, when worn on the body, offers protection. Orange calcite will also increase physical energy when worn or touching the body.

Orange calcite is beneficial to one's physical energy, facilitating a state of increased vitality and strong sense of purpose.

Orange calcite is one of the best stones for activating the second chakra. In this regard, orange calcite enhances sexual energies and creative abilities.

Orange calcite can be used to promote de-calcification of bone growth. Orange calcite will aid the assimilation of calcium.

Orange calcite works with improving the functions of the kidneys, liver and spleen.

Emotional Healing Properties

Orange calcite is known for assisting energy movement. Orange calcite moves "stuck" energies in the sacral chakra.

Orange calcite is one of the most powerful and protective stones, giving energy whenever held to the body.

Orange calcite helps integrate the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) through an understanding of how they work.

Orange calcite is the happiness stone. Orange calcite helps heal sorrow and grief and ease tension. Orange calcite helps one feel joy, at peace with others, and connected to Earth.

Orange calcite clears and creates an open mind while reducing skepticism.

Orange calcite is considered a stone of wisdom, especially for those in charge of others.

Orange calcite is helpful in all new beginnings, including the birth process, new projects, life changes, etc.

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